When you’re looking for a new home, it can be hard to look beyond the surface dressing of any property. Everyone has different tastes, and a terrible carpet or old-fashioned bathroom suite can be quite a turn off, and you could come away focussed entirely on that, and not recognise the potential of the property.

So how do you look beyond the surface imperfections, to realise the beauty that lies beneath?

Balancing act

Emotions can be tricky to manage at the best of times. But it’s important to find a balance for your enthusiasm, with a healthy dose of detachment and realism. Don’t let your heart rule your investment.

Get some perspective

Identify the things you can change (like the avocado bidet) as well as the things you can’t. Decor can be changed, plot size can’t. Ideally you’ll already have worked out your budget and so you will know what you can afford to do, once you’ve secured your dream home.

Value added facts

Things that add value to a property include original features – fireplaces, banisters, ceiling architraves, dado rails – don’t discount them because they don’t fit with the picture you have of your home. Actually, period features can create real focal points in a contemporary home, and they’ll have resale value when you come to move on.

Bathrooms and kitchens also add value to a property, but they aren’t inexpensive to replace. View properties with this in mind, as it could be a serious consideration for your budget.

Time out

Leave yourself plenty of time for your viewing, to assimilate a full picture of the property. Take the time to go into every room and view it from every angle. Stand in the corner of the room to get a better idea of its size, take a seat and look out of windows. Don’t let yourself be rushed – and don’t be afraid to ask to go back. You want to come away with more than just snapshots of what you’ve just seen.

It can be difficult to imagine yourself living in even the most tastefully-decorated house, if it’s not your choice. With more than a decade of experience in the property market, we’ll provide expert advice and insights to help you find the perfect property for you.

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