Make a great first impression: how to achieve kerb appeal

First impressions count, and that’s particularly important when it comes to marketing your property.

Irrespective of whether it’s a rental or up for sale, the people who view your property, prospective tenants or owners, are considering living here, and need to feel a connection with it from the outside.

It’s all very well to market your property with To Let or For Sale boards outside, or to extol its virtues in a glossy A4 particulars sheet, but getting foot-fall across your threshold means you need to encourage people to open the gate.

Grand entrance

Your front door is a focal point in the facade of your property, and will get a lot of looks, so make sure you give it a little attention.

Make sure your door is clean, and extend this to any steps, storm-porches or balustrades that surround it. Brush the walls (use a clean brush, especially if they are painted), the ceiling and under steps to get rid of cobwebs. Wipe or wash (where appropriate) with a mild detergent and clean windows inside and out, along with sills.

Look objectively at your house sign, number or letterbox – a quick polish may suffice, but if your door furniture is showing signs of wear and tear, invest in something to replace it – it’ll transform your entrance. Make sure the locks work properly, especially important if you’ve opted for accompanied viewings.

Natural light sells, but in the winter you can instantly make your house more appealing with light. If you’ve porch, security, or solar lighting, make sure it works, or replace or remove it.

Gardening leave

It’s important that access into and across your property is safe.

If you have a gated entrance, make sure the gate can be closed and latches properly. Boundary fences should be in good condition, and using a power-washer on driveways, paths, steps and walls will give them a new lease of life.

Take time to cut the grass, trim vegetation and remove weeds. Wipe down any outside furniture, and tidy away toys and equipment so your garden looks tidy. Step back from your house and look up at gutters to make sure they’re free from plants and blockages, and there are no downpipes hanging unsecured.

Bins are an unpleasant reality, and while you can buy bin storage sheds, it’s sufficient to store them tidily, and keep the lids closed. If you’re able to move them away from the front door, even better.

A final tip if you have off-street parking is to keep it clear. Park vehicles in the garage, or off the property and show off this sought-after commodity.

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