If you’re renting a property, then your contract with your landlord may well include limitations on what you can do to it, to make it yours. Generally, permanent changes are out, but some landlords will be happy to allow some minor changes, providing you agree to returning the property to its original state when you leave.

Minor changes might include repainting, carpeting tiled or linoleum floors, or even putting up wall-shelves. Before you make any changes, it’s important that you contact your letting agent, and ask them to put your proposal to your landlord. It’s equally as important to remember that your deposit may not be returned to you, if you don’t abide by the terms of your let.

Fortunately, it is possible to make your mark on your property, without making your landlord mad. Here are some simple ways to stamp your personality on your rented home

Soft spot

Introducing your own taste in soft furnishings throughout your rented home is guaranteed to bring small changes that make a big difference. If rooms have strong colours already, opt for tonal colours that compliment them. If your property is like many other than are decorated for more vanilla tastes, then the neutral colours are a perfect foil for bright, bold and beautiful.

It’s not just scatter cushions and bed-linen either. You can change curtains cost effectively (just ensure you keep the originals), brighten up your bathroom with colourful towels and give your feet a real treat with rugs and runners.

Make a statement

If wallpapering or painting are out of the question, then make a feature wall using panels or hangings. Cover pieces of plywood with wallpaper or fabric to lean against or secure to a wall. Create wall hangings with fabric: iron it flat, then fasten it top and bottom to slim pieces of wood (the full width of the fabric), and it’s ready to hang.

Wall stickers are an easy and temporary way to add decoration to walls, or add them to furniture. You could even stencil designs, or up-cycle your furniture with printed paper: simply cover the paper with PVA glue to seal it, and protect it.

Personal effects

There’s nothing that makes a house feel more like your home than having your own things around you. Back to those wall shelves, but you could consider using modular storage instead. Surround yourself with your own belongings and your rented property will feel like home in no time at all.

Welcome home!

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