When it comes to putting off a prospective buyer or tenant, smells are right at the top of the list.

Body, foot and bathroom odours, pet perfumes and kitchen stinks are all known to alienate property viewers, which can adversely affect their opinion of your home.

Smell is provocative and influences our behaviour, and our emotional state. So how can smell help sell your property? What are the essential essences you should fill your home with when it’s on the market?

Clean things smell clean. And that doesn’t mean liberal applications of cleaning products that heavily perfume the air with their presence, nor so much bleach down drains and sinks that the ammonia causes eyes to water.

A deep clean of your house – moving furniture, cleaning in the corners and all the hard to reach places – will help your home smell fresh.

To add subtle scents to the now-fresh air, opt for citrus-inspired smells: lime, orange or lemon, grapefruit and bergamot. They are all mood-boosters, evoking a sense of calm and bringing peace and happiness as a result.

If you want to add warmth to your home, you could opt for cinnamon, which helps fight mental fatigue and invokes thoughts of baking and Christmas. It can make some people feel crowded, so is best avoided in small rooms, or in rooms that are packed with furniture.

Vanilla is another warming scent, redolent of baking and invoking feelings of comfort and nurture. Of all the scents to infuse your home, this has the greatest success rate when it comes to making people feel happy.

Floral essences have long been used in perfumes. Rose is a natural stress-relieving scent, heavily associated with love and happiness. Lavender is known to control emotional stress, and its scent will have a soothing effect on nerves.

Lily of the Valley promotes well-being and its aroma is known to reduce stress, which in turn will make your viewer feel relaxed in your property. Another relaxing floral scent is Jasmine, which has a sedentary effect on the central nervous system and invokes feelings of relaxation, confidence, optimism and revitalised energy levels.

Olfaction, the sense of smell, is another way people absorb information about their environment, and often linked to nostalgic experiences. Make sure your house smells clean and pleasant, and you’ll be even closer to finding its next resident.



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