Whether you’re greeting friends at your door, or inviting potential new owners in to your property, a warm welcome is the very best of beginnings.

An attractive approach to your home is a good place to start, and we’ve got everything you need to know about achieving kerb appeal here. But you don’t buy a property based on its external features alone, so how can you extend your welcome once your visitors have stepped over the threshold?

Space, man

Create an open area behind the front door, so that the entry into your home feels as spacious as is possible. Remove trip hazards and items that could be inadvertently knocked over. Hang up coats (don’t leave them over the banister of your stairs), tidy away shoes, and remove bags. Leave halls and stairs as clear as possible. Add warmth with good lighting, and you’ll be creating the illusion of space in even small reception areas.

Shoes or no shoes?

The shoes v no shoes debate is an oft-debated matter. Some people like to have shoe-free homes, particularly if they have new or light coloured carpets, or delicate floor coverings. Some prefer it for cleanliness or hygiene reasons. Others like to keep their shoes on in their home – it really is a matter of choice.

If you’re selling your home, and you would like shoes to be removed, be sure to tell your agent. After all, it is your home until the point you complete on the sale, so your wishes should be respected. Prospective buyers will benefit of course, but if you are worried it may affect footfall and potentially decrease the number of viewings you receive, you might wish to consider providing plastic overshoes, which can be found reasonably online.

Live and let live

It’s no coincidence, that show houses are furnished to look as though they are homes – it helps people visualise themselves living there, and provides context to the rooms. Of course, there are some minor changes you can make that will boost its appeal, such as de-cluttering, but this house is still your home. Don’t erase all evidence of it being so.

Looking at your home through the eyes of a potential purchaser can be difficult. That’s why our friendly team is here to help you make the very best of your property when you are ready to market it.

Give us a call today, and let us help you on your property journey.

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