If you had to describe your dream home, you would probably have a list of wishes that include aspirations like a south-facing garden, a separate dining room and a downstairs loo. You may already know you want a ready-to-move-in property, or perhaps you’re specifically looking for a fixer-upper to make your own mark on.

It’s hard to find a property that will tick every wish on an extensive list, so it’s worthwhile separating it in two: a list of the need to haves (number of bedrooms, parking, location, etc) and a second detailing the nice to haves (a home office, period features, a conservatory). Doing this helps to focus on what is an absolute deal maker (or breaker), and where you would be prepared to compromise for the right property.

If you’re browsing on-line, you can select parameters to filter the properties your search returns: but are you narrowing your options further than you need to? On-line search filters only present you with the properties that meet your stipulated criteria, leaving no room on the result list for properties that don’t meet it yet, but have the potential to.

That’s why working with a good agent is such an important part of the property journey, for vendors and purchasers alike.

A good agent will know which of its listed properties come closest to your ideal home, and which have the potential to. If you’ve ever watched any property programmes, you’ll be familiar with the wild card concept, where property experts offer their clients something a little bit different to their original brief. We’ll admit, it isn’t always going to be a property match made in heaven, but it does offer alternatives for consideration, as well as much-needed perspective and comparison points when you’re searching for your new home.

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